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Boxing at South Austin Gym

We teach the Bang Boxing System, which provides structured class material to methodologically grow your skills, whether you’re a beginner or advanced boxer. You will learn to outsmart your opponents while developing your reflexes, speed, endurance, and focus.  Tap into our coaches’ expertise and vast knowledge in the sport, and become the boxer you want to be.

Boxing and Kickboxing are two good complimentary sports. Kickboxing does indeed use classic western boxing techniques but incorporates kicks and knees into combinations. During your workout week, staggering the kickboxing and the boxing classes is a good idea. Boxing will give you more of an upper body workout and kickboxing will help strengthen your lower body and provide you with more balance which is important for boxers.

New to boxing? Sign up for our Kickstart intro class! You will receive a one-on-one lesson with one of our coaches so that you will be fully prepared to jump into our boxing or kickboxing classes.

Classes are offered both during the day and night. Click here to see our full class schedule.