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Boxing Coach

Led by Coach Pit, Pro Boxing Coach

Learn the “Sweet Science” and outsmart your opponents while developing your reflexes, speed, endurance, and focus.  Tap into our coaches expertise and vast knowledge in the sport, and become the boxer you want to be.

Coach Pit’s Bio:
Thanks to Randy and his team for bringing me in and accepting me and giving me the chance to be an asset to this gym. I am king of the PIT: PHYSICAL, INTENSE, TRAINING. If you know anything about boxing in the ATX, than you know me. I have invested over 20yrs of my life in the Austin boxing community. I am a specialist in amateur and pro boxing and have been called the “Kings of The Mitts.” I look forward to training with you all at the South Austin Gym!

Boxing and Kickboxing are two good complimentary sports. Kickboxing does indeed use classic western boxing techniques but incorporates kicks and knees into combinations. During your workout week, staggering the kickboxing and the boxing classes is a good idea. Boxing will give you more of an upper body workout and kickboxing will help strengthen your lower body and provide you with more balance which is important for boxers.

Have you ever thought of competing? Here at the South Austin Gym we hold amateur boxing tournaments every few months. So if you have the itch to test out your skills in the ring, come on in, get trained up, and go for the glory!

Our class times:

Monday – Thursday 7:00pm-8:30pm

Saturday 10:30am-12:00pm.

The class is separated into two parts.

Part one

Boxing conditioning which is comprised of general conditioning exercises, i.e. sprints, tire work, medicine ball drills, abs, etc. Take this class often and you’ll be able to outlast any opponent in the ring, giving you the winning edge.

Part Two

Boxing class is where you will practice technique and develop your attributes. Hitting mitts with the coach is a great learning experience and will help you perfect your technique. Bag work will help develop your attributes, such as speed, power, cardio respiratory endurance, etc, which will make you a force to be reckoned with.

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